Real Parenting


What is Responsible Parenting?

Many would agree that responsible parenting Could be Clarified as follows:

  • A mom and dad that are dedicated to each other and treat each other with mutual respect.
  • A mom and dad who supply advice and instill values in their kids.
  • A mom and dad who act as role models for their kids.

Now, naturally, it isn’t a perfect world and the aforementioned is hard to discover. I’m certainly not claiming to own all the aforementioned parental attributes all of the time but it will give me a good goal to work toward. Let us describe each of those attributes in more detail.

couple-holding-together-her-bellyA mom and dad that are dedicated to each other and treat each other with mutual respect. This really is a really tall order and one which I personally have not seen in this entire world. Why? It’s because kids learn from their parents. When parents are being deceitful and dishonest, cheating, calling each other names, being inconsiderate of each other, making fun of each other, taking each other for granted and divorcing each other… how are our kids ever going to understand what a healthy, practical relationship is?

A healthy, practical relationship would entail taking it very slow and getting to know each other, building trust with one another, and always keeping communication open. In case this healthy connection was constructed… it’s my own theory that parents will be not as inclined to be deceitful and dishonest, cheat, and call each other names, be inconsiderate, make fun of each other, take each other for divorce or granted each other. Why do they? Their emotional needs will be being met.Of course even healthy relationships demand arguing but is your arguing itself a addiction or is it helping you know one another better? Might it be constructive or is it just plain incorrect?

father-hugging-his-daughterA mom and dad who supply advice and instill values in their kids. Responsible parenting entails providing children with structure and bounds. Kids are selfish by nature. They’ll be qualified to get what they need. It’s all up to the parents to instruct them that manipulating people to get what they need isn’t permitted. It’s all up to the parents to educate their kids to convey what they desire and talk about whether their “needs” are fair or absurd.

Spanking your child isn’t responsible parenting. That is coming from a mommy who has educated her kids. I am relatively new in this and I am learning. I thought it through and assessed my own behaviour when I did so. That is sending the incorrect message to them. It’s never ok to physically hurt someone. When we spank our kids as they’re not listening to us, then it’s simply sending a very clear message that it’s fine to physically harm someone when they don’t hear you.

A mom and dad who act as role models for their kids. I believe most everybody wants the best for their kids. To be able to accomplish the very best for our kids we will need to begin raising the bar and setting a good example for them. Responsible parenting entails “teaching by example.”

Are we excusing our own behaviour? Are you currently playing the “blame game?” Even if a person has been unbelievably inconsiderate of you, it will not provide you the right to telephone their names, shout and shout, dismiss them, or “return.”

Kids would be the parents’ greatest obligation. Unfortunately, a lot of parents out there aren’t considering being role models for their kids. Rather they’re considering what “sells” and the way to make lots of cash to provide to their loved ones. And of course everybody knows that sex and violence market. Everybody understands that many business deals are unethical and manipulative. So, even though that parent is attempting to do their very best to “supply” for their loved ones, they’re contributing to the bigger problem… failing for a part model.


I’m incredibly optimistic about the near future. Whenever you have your aim clearly defined, you should begin working toward it rather than turning your wheels and feeling entirely helpless. Whenever you have clear leadership, you may make an actual difference.